Aroma ARG-05 5.8GHz Guitar/Bass/Keyboards wireless system


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Product Description


5.8G wireless transmission
Distance over 35 meters
Delay time less than 0.0052 seconds

Sports car lines design
Smooth and comfortable feeling when handling
Bronze material for connecting audio head

120 degrees rotatable audio head
Transmitter good for all types of guitars and musical instruments
Receiver good for all kinds panels of amps, pedals and mixers etc.

Press and hold POWER button to turn on the system
Automatic pairing between Transmitter and Receiver (same color lights)
Unpaired or to change Receiver, press ID button in order of Transmitter and Receiver to succeed pairing

4 channels options
Press POWER button continuously to choose a channel, the system pair automatically

5V USB cable to recharge. Use computer, portable power or smart phone adapter to recharge.
3.7V rechargeable Li batteries inside
Recharging time less than 2 hours
For continuous use 4 hours

Transmission power:7dBm
Receiver sensitivity:-81dBm
Signal noise ratio:140dB
Sound quality:24bt / 48KHz


Net weight:37g
Package contents: Transmitter (black), Receiver (white), USB cable, portable cloth case

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