Alpha 50k MINI Potentiometer 8mm Hole, Metric, 18 Spline Coarse Solid Shaft, High Torque 3/8 inch


  • ₱190.00


  • SKU: WDP50KL38MH18C-WD50SL


Product Description

Time to replace your pots with the time-tested factory potentiometer - Alpha.

Alpha is an industry name in affordable but reliable potentiometers..

250k is best used with single coil pickups such as strat, tele, Jazz Bass, P-Bass. 

Metric 8mm bushing diameter is perfect for Asian-made guitars with small hole such as Ibanez, Squier, JCraft, Cort, Tagima, Epiphone, Elegee, D&D, etc. 

Specs for this Stock:

Value 50k
Type Small Body
Bushing Diameter 8mm (fits most Asian/Japan-made guitars)
Bushing Length 3/8 for wood mount installations
Taper Linear or Audio / Log Taper (pls select variant)
Shaft 18 Coarse Spline, Solid Shaft
Torque High Torque


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