How To Use Credit Card with Paypal

How to transact via Paypal

We accept credit card payments, straight charge as long as you enroll them via PayPal.  Please check the instructions below on how you can enroll your credit card. Sign-up for Paypal

  1. If you are already a paypal member, proceed to the next section
  2. Sign-up for an account in Paypal (  It is a secure payment facility used by people all over the world.
  3. Once you have signed up, add your credit card details

Payment Transaction – Deposits

  • If you are ordering an item that is not currently in stock, you will need to deposit.  To deposit, simply log-on to Paypal, then go to the “Send Payment” tab and select “Pay for goods or services”
    • Send the payment to .  Enter the necessary details as below including the amount, address.  Then click Continue


    Payment Transaction – Purchase

    • If the transaction is via visit or meetup, you may also pay for the item in advance.  You may also pay on the spot and the Paypal transaction will be done on the meet up place.  Note:  If this is your first time using Paypal, the transaction may not proceed due to filters set by your credit card provider.  You will need to contact your credit card provider to fix this before transacting.
    • Guitar Pusher will be sending an invoice
    • Upon receipt of invoice notification via e-mail, follow the link and log-on to your Paypal account


    • After login, there will be an invoice waiting to be paid

      • Click the amount or details, which will show you the invoice

        • Click “Send Payments Now” to complete the transaction





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