How To Use USB to Guitar XLR Cable

Installation instructions for Guitar/XLR to USB cable (GPAI120 / GPAI130) Follow this link for the full instructions PLEASE NOTE:
  • This is a working guitar to USB PC interface. When you first plug-it in, you will not hear any sound on the computer.  This is normal.
  • You need to make some basic settings to direct the sound to the computer speakers/headphones
  • Buying this product assumes that you know (or can learn by yourself) how to use a recording software.
  • The recording software is not included, but you can download free recording software like Audacity (
  • Since the USB connection is near the computer, you will hear some static noise when recording with overdrive effects. To reduce the noise, you can use a USB extender or use the noise gate that comes with the recording software or guitar effects software like Amplitube or Guitar Rig.
  • For tips on how to use this product with lower latency, you can check out this video:






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