Guitar Pusher Online Concierge Service

Experience online guitar shopping like no other with Guitar Pusher Concierge Service. 

Now, you will be able to see up close the instruments that you have been eyeing at your own convenience wherever you may be.  Enjoy high-quality real-time demo as you listen to every detail of the instrument.  Get advice and recommendations from our team who are players themselves. 

Book your appointment now and join the thousands and thousands of musicians who #gotpushd.


Choose from a wide selection of guitar models across many brands. Visit our website to conveniently check the available pieces. 


We understand the importance of hearing the guitar in its full glory.  With our special streaming setup, you will be able to enjoy high quality real-time demos at the comfort of your own devices.


Run by a team who are players themselves, expect only top-notch service, expert advice, and honest recommendations. With this, you will be assured that you are making the best decision for your online purchase.


  1. All online appointments will be conducted via Zoom.
  2. Guitar Concierge Service is available Monday to Friday, 10am to 7pm.
  3. The duration of each appointment is 30 minutes. Extension is subject to availability of appointment slots.
  4. Request for an appointment by filling out this form.
  5. After confirming the availability of the instrument/s, we will be contacting you to confirm your appointment.
  6. You will receive a specific Zoom link for your appointment.
  7. For best experience, we highly recommend the use of monitor speakers or headphones.


Can we use other platforms for my online appointment?

All appointments will be conducted via Zoom as it provides the best audio for online meetings.

How many guitars can I request for my appointment?

As much as we want to present as many guitars as you like, it will be best to limit your request to 1 to 3 guitars due to time limitations.

Can I also request for pedals during my appointment?

As long as the schedule permits, we will be happy to do so. Do take note that some items might need to be transferred from another location so it will be best to let us know beforehand.

How can I know the guitars that are available?

Please visit to see the list of available guitars. 

I might need more than 30 minutes for my appointment. Can I extend or should I book multiple consecutive appointments?

In case we are free, we will be happy to extend your time if necessary. Please avoid multiple bookings as we want to serve as many customers as possible.

Something came up and I need to reschedule my appointment. How can I do that?

In case that you have to reschedule your appointment, simply reply to the email  that sent you your appointment confirmation.

I forgot my appointment. Will I be receiving a new appointment?

In case for missed appointments, you will need to book again using the form to request for a new appointment.

Can I see the guitar/s in detail during the call?

Yes. We will be using Ultra HD Webcam for the calls so you can see the guitar up close.

How about the quality of the audio?

The electric guitars and basses will go through an amp simulator. We will be using condenser microphones for the acoustic and nylon string guitar.

How can I process my payment in case I want to purchase?

You will be receiving the invoice via email complete with payment instructions.

Will I be receiving the actual guitar that was presented during my appointment?

Yes, unless you opt for a different piece.



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