Joyo PXL Live Dual Channel Programmable Pedal Controller


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Product Description

The JOYO PXL-Live, the newest member of the joyo pxl series programmable pedals controllers - pxl4, pxl8, pxl-pro will soon be with us.

The JOYO PXL-Live is a very powerful pedal controller, it not only has dual 4 channels
like the pxl pro (8), but it is also designed with midi out, enabling you to connect any kind
of midi enabled effect pedals, amps, synths, grooveboxes all through that very powerful midi port.

Send commands via midi cc and midi program to control your computer based recording

For musicians who are starting to own a lot of musical gear, the pxl-live will be the perfect pedal loop and midi controller .

  • Fully programmable
  • Dual 4 channel loop design
  • 2 ×on board fully programmable trigger switch (relay)
  • 1 X midi out
  • Midi cc and midi program change command are available simultaneously
  • Buffered bypass
  • Rated power supply voltage:dc 9v
  • Rated current consumption:220ma

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