WD Witch Hat Knob 1-10, Skirted, Set Screw, Thin Numbers (Black)


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  • SKU: WDKNOB-P-K314-1


Product Description

Knob - Witch Hat, Black 1-10, Skirted, Set Screw, Thin Numbers

Black knob with white lettering, skirted, for blackface/silverface amps, with set screw, sold individually. Slightly thinner numbers than P-K314-1-A. Replacement for Fender: 099-0930-000

The Music Man style knobs P-K155-2 are often confused with the more common Fender style knobs. The key differences between the two are the larger grip, brushed inlay, and the boxy 0-10 indicators on the Music Man style knob.

Knob Comparison:

Knob Detail Comparison:

Musicman vs Fender Versions:

  • SKU: P-K314-1
  • Item ID: 002805
  • UPC/EAN: 609722122511
  • Application: Amp
  • Color: Black
  • Grip: Straight Knurl / Ridged
  • Indicator: Numbers
  • Material: Bakelite / Phenolic
  • Replacement Type: Replacement for Fender
  • Skirt: Skirted
  • Type: Set Screw
Diameter 1.19 in.
Item Height 0.63 in.
Shaft Diameter 0.25 in.

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