Tube Amp Doctor Preamp Vacuum Tube Redbase 12AX7 / ECC83 (Premium Selected)

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Product Description

Vacuum Tube - 12AX7 / ECC83, Redbase, Tube Amp Doctor, Premium Selected

The all-new designed TAD 12AX7 / ECC83 Redbase is a miniature, high-mu twin triode with very good gain. These tubes are selected and recommended for guitar amps to improve overall responsiveness and dynamics. Because of its cathode-to-heater voltage-withstand capability, this tube works perfectly as a cathode follower.

Best for thick, clean tones as well as for those modern preamps where a deep low end is required as well as for sounds requiring fat midrange, detailed airy top end and lots of power from the preamp.

Recommended for all positions in medium gain amps or for V2+ positions in high-gain amps. For V1 in general but especially for high-gain amps or phono/audio-amps, we recommend the new 7025 / E83CC Redbase Highgrade T-7025-RB-TAD. The TAD 12AX7 / ECC83 Redbase can replace any 7025, 12AX7WA, 12AX7WB, 12AX7LPS, 12AX7EH, ECC83 or E83CC.

Q: When does a preamp tube become a Premium Selected tube?

A: All preamp tubes labeled Premium Selected have passed the following tests:

  • Low Noise Test
  • Microphonic Test
  • Gain Test
  • Sonic Tests
  • Shock Tests
  • Listening Tests
  • Balanced Output Test

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