Aroma TDX-15 Basic 4+3 Electronic Drums


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Product Description

The Aroma TDX-15 is a great quality and affordable drum kit if you want to buy your first e-drums.  It has all the standard e-drum functions with 12 drum kit sounds  Both crash and ride cymbals can be choked.   For practice, it has a metronome and an AUX in for jamming to music.  You can hear the drum sounds via the headphones out, or you can plug the line out to a drum amplifier or direct to your DAW for recording.



  • Standard 4+3 drum kit configuration (1 snare, 3 toms, hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals with pedal bass drum
  • 8 inch silicone snare drum and toms
  • 10 inch silicone crash and ride cymbals with choke
  • Silicone hi hat with pedal
  • Pedal bass drum
  • Module
    • 12 preset drum sounds:  Rock. Jazz, Funk, Metal. Electric, Rock Live, Metal, Live, Electric Live,  GM Standard, GM Room, GM Power, Percussion
    • Metronome
    • USB MIDI
    • Aux Input (3.5mm Jack)
    • Headphone Output (3.5mm Jack)
    • Audio Output (3.5mm Jack)
    • DC In (9V)

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