Vitoos ISO4 PLUS 8 Isolated Output Power Supply (9/18V)


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Product Description

This is a true isolated Power Supply (PSU) with 8 isolated outputs. Isolated PSU is like having a separate power adapter for each of the 8 outputs. It achieves true circuit isolation through mini transformers in each of the outputs. You can test that each section's ground are isolated. It is also a power conditioner which supplies a predictable voltage all the time and keeps your pedals in constant performance from one show to another. Guitar Pusher backs it up with 1 year personal warranty. This is a great alternative to some Voodoo Labs or Cioks. It comes with 8 power cables and 1 power doubler cable. You need this if you are running mixed analog and digital effects and experience noise in that setup. Note that noise can also be caused by bad AC power or low quality cables or defective pedal. So make sure you know your noise issue before getting one. If you run a simple setup with analog pedals, non-isolated PSUs like Vitoos PWA-15, One Spot, Godlyke, DC Brick, Vitoos PS1 and the likes with daisy chain will be enough. Which one should you choose? DC8, ISO8 or ISO4PLUS? It depends. ISO4PLUS is smaller in form and can fit beneath nano and mini boards. However, while all 8 outputs are isolated, it can only supply 9v. However, it comes with a voltage double cable that can be plugged to its two isolated 9v output to supply 18v. The advantage of the DC8, despite it having only 3 isolated sections is that the A and B output have 1000mA each vs the 500mA that the ISO8 has and ISO4PLUS has. Note that 500mA should be sufficient for most pedals, even Strymons. However, if 500mA is not enough for some pedals that you have, DC8 might be what you need. Here is a comprehensive chart to help you choose the right product Features: 8 fully isolated DC 9V (each max.500mA) outputs provides a stable and noise free performance, can power 8 guitar effects or more (with optional dc chain cable) at the same time without losing any signal intensity. With short circuit protection, it can ensure the stable working condition; support self-protection mode, and it will auto-restart in about 2s once you unplug the short-circuited pedal. FCLC (Foldback Current Limiting Circuit) provides ultimate protection against power shortages and overloads. Even at full load, you will enjoy the quiet and cool operation of a fully regulated power supply. Mini size design with full metal shell, lightweight, portable and durable; each output with LED light to indicate the using mode, and it also indicate the fault pedals when the LEDs turn on RED. Comes with 8pcs DC cables to connect your pedals, and 1pc Y cable to boost the voltage. The pedals might come out with a different sound by using the Y cable. Specifications: Color:Black Power Adapter:100-240V input, DC 12V/ 2A output Material: Metal Input: DC 12V Output: 8 * DC 9V (each max. 500mA) Unit Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 2.5cm / 4.7 * 2.8 * 1in Item Weight: 185g / 6.5oz Package Dimensions (for shipping): 20 x 14 x 10cm / 7.7 x 5.1 x 3.7in Package Weight: 695g / 1.5lbs Package List:I3316R-AU 1 x Power Supply 8 x DC Cables 1 x Y Cable voltage doubler for 18V operation 1 x Power Adapter

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