Stringjoy Electric Guitar String Set - BALANCED 9s Super Light (9 12 15 24w 32 42)


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Product Description

So these might look like a typical set of 9s (or Super Lights, or Extra Lights everyone seems to call em something different ), but trust me, theyre not.

Thestandardfor 9s is typically 9-11-16-24-32-42, and while the gauges on the bottom end are solid, the top is all kinds of messed up. Why some other companies make them that way, I honestly couldnt tell you but never fear! Weve fixed all that for you.

See, the issue on most sets is that the .011 has far too little tension to balance with the .009 and the .016 has far too much tension. So, with our Balanced 9s we fix all that by using a .012 and a .015 instead.

The result is a set of strings that plays evenly across the entire fretboard and intonates better when set up properly. If youre typically a 9s player, these are definitely the way to go.

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