Stringjoy Acoustic Guitar String Set Light - Natural Bronze 12s (12-54)


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Product Description

So, youre looking for just the right amount of tension, and the right amount of tone? Our Light gauge isan excellent choice for most guitarists as it has the perfect balance of low-end and midrange volume, without being too hard on the callouses.

Our Natural Bronze alloy is a particular take on Phosphor Bronze, aimed to reveal the authentic, woody characteristics of an acoustic guitar. It this rich copper alloy thatgives these strings a distinctly warm, resonant tone, and also a beautiful rose gold color. As an added bonus, component agents in this alloymake these strings especially resistant to corrosion.

Give your own acoustic the strings it deserves, a set that will bring out its natural character and keep it sounding great for longer.Hit the big blue button below to add these to your cart.

.012 - .016 - .024w - .032 - .042 - .054

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