Sire R3 GZ Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar with Zebra7 Original Pickup System


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SIRE R3 is an entry level acoustic guitar with solid spruce top that is tuned with precision for superior sound.

However the R3 specs might not be too unique or impressive as one can expect more from revolutionary SIRE Company.

So we’ve included premium SIRE Zebra 7 original or Zebra 7 SIB preamp system with the R3 Acoustic guitar at no extra charge.

This high-quality preamp system comes standard with all SIRE R3 that is priced at an entry level acoustic guitar. We are convinced that high quality Zebra 7 preamp system alone has value of $300. Below is detailed information and specifications for the SIRE Zebra preamp system.



The first acoustic to feature easily mountable and detachable
dual pickup system with outboard preamp.



–  High sound quality.
–  No hole drilled on the guitar. Pickup/preamp system that does not damage the guitar body.
–  Easily mountable and detachable pickup system. The pickup can be detached for acoustic setting and mounted again in 30 seconds for live stage playing, making it ideal high end acoustic electric guitar.
–  Complete dual pickup system that can blend sound hole pickup and piezo pickup for optimal sound and preference.

The zebra 7 pickup system was developed once we decided that SIRE all solid rosewood acoustic guitar would be themain and representative SIRE acoustic guitar. Most well-tuned high end acoustic guitars do not come with onboard preamp installed.The reason is simple.

No true acoustic guitar player would want to cut a large hole in the wood to have a preamp installed on the side of the guitar. That would not only be damaging to the guitar but compromise the sound quality as well. Retaining the guitar in its purist form is what most player’s desire for this reason, to keep it natural.

But without onboard preamp there is no way to amplify the beautiful natural acoustic guitar sound unless a skilled engineer is there to mic the guitar on stage to amplify the sound properly. This would be unrealistic for most players.

To find a better solution, we developed a removable preamp system that can be used as an onboard preamp that does not require drilling a hole in the guitar. The preamp can be mounted and removed for ease of use. For one year and a half, we worked to develop a removable EQ preamp pickup system that can be used on needed basis.

For stage performance, the preamp can be attached for use and then can be removed when not being used at home. We finally have succeeded in development of the SIRE Zebra 7 preamp system that can do all that.


Most people think about the under saddle piezo pickup when purchasing acoustic electric guitar. But single piezo pickup alone cannot capture all the tone and amplify the natural acoustic sound truly. This is why many professional players prefer the sound hole pickup. Although the sound hole pickup has some advantages over the piezo, it cannot produce the acoustic sound that piezo can replicate.

From the beginning, we have worked on developing dual pickup system (Soundhole pickup + Piezo pickup) that can control and mix the two sound source in any way you want.

With dual sound source, you can have the whole complete tone in different locations of the guitar and amplify the guitar sound in totality. This would eliminate the need for upgrades or other equipment to amplify the natural top solid rosewood acoustic guitar to its best.


Model – Zebra Romanic sound whole pickup system. As the name indicates, the mountable soundhole pickup delivers warm and romantic sound.


Model – Zebra Romanic sound whole pickup system. (A well tuned and balanced piezo pickup system)

With the right mix of the two pickups and 3 band EQ system, the Zebra 7 will enable you to attain any sound you want.



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