Singular Sound Premium Library SD Card: 2020 Collection + Groove Monkee

Singular Sound Premium Library SD Card: 2020 Collection + Groove Monkee


Product Description

Never worry about not having the right sound. The BeatBuddy Premium Library SD Card includes 800+ songs, 22 drum sets and 30+ genres to ensure that you’ll always be accompanied by the perfect drums

Save big on our premium content with nearly 68% off the total value of $569, and that’s mentioning nothing of the free updates until the end of 2020.

The premium library includes beats to play songs from legendary artists such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Santana, and many more

New for this year! Optional Groove Monkee Content is available for even more styles at your fingertips including one press play songs!

Product Description

You asked for it, and we (finally) did it: We preloaded the entire BeatBuddy Premium Library on an SD card so that you can just insert it and tap into the BeatBuddy’s full potential. But we didn’t stop there. We also upgraded to a faster SD card, which will load 57% faster than the original.

Purchasing the complete premium library content package  will save you $268 vs buying the packs individually, but it gets even better. Included with each SD card purchase is a subscription to the latest release of premium library content until the end of 2019. This means you’ll get each new drum set and drum beat released during your first year of ownership. When 2020 ends, purchasers of the Premium Library SD Card will be able to acquire the entire next year of content for just a $49 extension!


• Save $268 when you buy the complete Premium Library SD Card instead of purchasing the drum sets and beats individually.

• Unlock your BeatBuddy’s full potential without worrying about downloading and exporting the files to your BeatBuddy manually or creating your own beats. The Premium Library SD Card has everything you need.

• Included subscription for all premium beats and drum kits released through 2020. (After the first year, you’ll be able to purchase an extension for $49)

• A Speed Class 6 SD card gets you speeds of up to 12.5 MB/s, or 57% faster than the BeatBuddy’s stock SD Card

See all included Premium Library content in a PDF Booklet.

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