Kluson USA Contemporary Tele Bridge Brass Saddles

Kluson USA Contemporary Tele Bridge Brass Saddles


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Product Description

Kluson®'s brand new Contemporary replacement Tele bridge drops right on to any traditional vintage spec Telecaster converting it to 6 adjustable brass saddles for optimum intonation and more traditional Tele tone with great low-end response. This bridge takes away the need for compensated saddles as well as settling for as close as possible while sharing a common saddle between two strings. Simply unstring the instrument and remove the old bridge, reinstall the pickup into the new bridge and reinstall. Once you've set your intonation you will have all the adjustability common to other instruments without the frustration of losing proper tuning higher up on the neck. Available in Chrome, Nickel, Gold and Black plating options with plated brass saddles to match!

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