Joyo JA-30 Electric Guitar Amplifier with Drive, Delay, Metronome and Tuner 30 watts


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Product Description

Product Description

The Joyo JA-30+ is the perfect practice and small venue rehearsal amp for Electric Guitar. It is the only amp that comes with a metronome which is perfect for practicing your fingers to play fast. It also comes with a tuner, which is very convenient because there is no more need to use external tuner.
The JA-30 packs 30 watts of power. It can be loud enough for a small band practice. With the clean channel, it can be a great pedal platform to use your pedalboard. If you don't have any effects, don't worry, it comes with a high quality distortion effect and a chorus and delay - these are the essential effects to play any song.
Not only does the JA-30 has all the essential features of a great electric guitar amp, it also has RCA or 3.5mm stereo aux input to play along with external sources such as phones or music player. As a bonus, it also has a microphone input for singing along.
Overall, the JA-30 is a great amp packed with a lot of useful features for practicing alone or with a band. More importantly, it has high quality sound despite its small size.

Key Features


  • The JA-30 is the perfect practice amp that is also loud enough for band practice
  • It comes with a distortion channel for rock tones, and a chorus and delay effects perfect for playing songs with effects and enhance the overall sound of the guitar
  • Comes with built-in tuner
  • It comes with a metronome to help your practice so you can become a faster player
  • It has headphones out for silent practice or for connecting to your PC for recording
  • Comes with aux in for playing along music and a microphone in for singing along
  • Portable with handle for carrying around



Output: 30W 
Input sensitivity/impedance: INPUT: -10dBu/1; 
Speaker: 8 inch, 4ohm
Channels: Clean (with volume control); Distortion (with gain and level controls)
Effects: Chorus, Delay 
Channel Switch: Switch between Clean and Distortion channels 
EQ: Bass, Mid, Mid-sweep, Treble 
Mic Controls: Bass, Treble, Volume
Auxiliary Controls: AUX Volume 
I/O (1/4"): Guitar in; AUX in; Headphone out; Microphone in 
DIMENSIONS 410*200*330mm 
Weight 10.4KG

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