Aston Single Rycote for Starlight / Pencil Mics


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Product Description

ASTON STARLIGHT SUSPENSION SET The Kit comprises two of Rycote's patented vibration-reducing Lyre suspensions mounted on a rigid, slotted stereo bar. The spacing between the two mounts, (and therefore the mics), is quickly and simply adjustable from 40 to 200 mm on the slotted bar by loosening a brass wheel under each Lyre and moving it laterally as required. A star-shaped knob underneath each Lyre also allows each mic to be rotated and/or inclined, and then secured once optimal stereo imaging has been achieved. The mounts are suitable for all mics with a body diameter of 19-34 mm (Aston Starlight is 25.4 mm), with a maximum weight of 500 g and maximum length of 50 cm.


  • Universal mic mounts fit the Aston Starlight and any small diaphragm microphones from 19 to 34 mm in diameter (max. weight of 500 g, maxi. length of 50 cm)
  • Stereo Bar quick and easy spacing between the mounts (40 to 200 mm)
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Made in the UK

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