Joyo DC-30 Practice Amp with Multi-effects In Stock

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Product Description
Features eight amp simulations:
1)        Roland Jazz Chorus
2)        Wave-X C-Clean
3)        Ibanez TS9
4)        Boss SD-1
5)        MI Audio Crunch Box
6)        Wave-X Power Drive - Lead
7)        Wave-X Power Drive - Rhythm
8)        Boss MT-2

3 Band EQ: Treble, Mid, and Bass

Four modulation effects:
1)        Chorus
2)        Flanger
3)        Phaser
4)        Tremolo

Two spacial effects:
1)        Delay
2)        Reverb

Includes a 36-pattern drum machine with tempo and volume control.
AUX Input and Phones output

brand: Joyo
Joyo DC-30 Practice Amp With Multi-effects
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