Graphtech NuBone Nut Slotted Strat Flat Bottom (per piece) LC-5010-00 In Stock

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Product Description
The LC-5010-00 is a great option to upgrade the nut on your Fender style electric guitar.  It is pre-slotted for a quick and simple install.

NuBone is a derivative of Graph Tech's highly resonant TUSQ material, manufactured to very close tolerances under high heat and pressure. We use specific ratios that contribute to NuBone's hardness, workability, appearance, and most importantly, guitar performance. Odorless when sanded, it is strong, outlasting and outperforming plastic. NuBone is the answer!

Length: 1.764" or 44.81mm
Width: 0.130" or 3.30mm
Height: 0.255" or 6.48mm
E to E: 1.362" or 34.59mm

Note: All Graph Tech nuts and saddles are slightly long and wide to ensure extra room to achieve a perfect fit for your guitar. This extra material can easily be removed with fine grit sandpaper.

brand: Graphtech
Graphtech NuBone Nut Slotted Strat Flat Bottom (per Piece) LC-5010-00
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