Bareknuckle Piledriver Telecaster Hot Pickup Set In Stock

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Product Description

  • Calibrated Set (Bridge and Neck Pickup)

  • Standard Polarity


More details about this pickup here:

High output sledgehammer performance and impact; masses of full, fat drive with true slab-bodied grunt. The output of a hot humbucker and all the frequency response of a true single coil, perfect for the modern player looking for the ultimate hot Tele® coil set.

The Piledriver Tele® set sacrifices none of the original Tele® character in the pursuit of well-defined power. Rich and deep bottom end combine with fat single coil clarity for a truly versatile set of high output pickups.

Designed with the modern Tele® player in mind, the Piledriver set has a throaty mid range and fuller, sweeter highs so that fast riffing has a real edge and single note work really punches through. Although the Piledriver output will give any humbucker a run for its money, the voice is pure Telecaster® with a rounder, darker twang and a fatter snap in the bass. Clean playing has plenty of depth and a warmer treble response compared to lower output vintage coils while overdriven tones are strong, capable of controlled harmonic feedback and tremendously tight crunch tones. The bridge coil uses a slightly thicker zinc plated steel baseplate for extra definition and punch while the calibrated neck coil is available in traditional neck cover or open coil as required.


  • Available in 6 strings (prices vary)

  • Available in many cover style and colors.  You can customize and order (will take 4-6 weeks to arrive)

  • If you want something already in stock, check out other models in our website

  • E-mail us, PM us in facebook or text us to inquire (facebook PM is preferred for faster response)

brand: Bareknuckle
Bareknuckle Piledriver Telecaster Hot Pickup Set
 |  Black


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